Aquatic Ardor by Margaret L. Carter
Amber Heat
Contemporary Fantasy
ISBN-13: 978-1-60272-039-8 (Electronic)
Reviewed by Cassie



Melia is an undine, or water elemental.  Sheís lived in the lake for a long time, watching the family that owned the land grow and change.  She felt especially close to one of the family members, Adam, because she saw him most.  Once when he was eighteen, she even came to him in human form.  Now, sheís counting on Adamís attraction to her to help her convince him not to allow developers to build on the land, which will hurt the lake and possibly kill her.

Adam has moved to the lake house permanently after his stressful job caused him to have a heart attack at forty-four.  He needs money so he can pursue a writing career, so he is reluctantly considering selling some of his familyís land.  When a strange woman with bluish skin and green hair appears, trying to seduce him and convince him not to sell the land, he isnít sure what to make of her.  Is she crazy?  Is she a liar?  Or is she exactly what he needs?

Aquatic Ardor was an unusual read.  I had never read a story about a water elemental before, but the book was quite interesting.  Meliaís character was a strange mix of naÔve, almost childish outlook and a deep connection with the water and the land.  Neither Melia nor Adam really expects anything lasting to come of their attraction, but to Meliaís dismay she finds herself becoming increasingly attached to her human lover.  I enjoyed reading about the coming together of these two very different characters, and the paranormal elements made the story more entertaining.  The only thing that disappointed me was I didnít feel as if I truly knew Adam by the time the story finished.  I would have liked more back-story and characterization for him.  Other than that, Aquatic Ardor was a creative, quick, and interesting tale about an unusual heroine.


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