An Unexpected Engagement by Sara Reinke
Medallion Press
Historical Romance
ISBN: 978-1932815917
Reviewed by Nannette



Lady Charlotte Engle is not afraid to speak her mind to anyone, even a masked bandit.  When the infamous highwaymen, the Black Trio, accost her Charlotte is surprised by the interesting conversation she has with one of them as he steals her jewels. Two days later, Charlotte has another stimulating conversation with her brother Reilly’s old friend Kenley Fairfax. Kenley and Charlotte are very drawn to each other but James Houghton wants Charlotte for himself. He is very determined, and will do whatever it takes to get her. 

Kenley has secrets; secrets that soon have him and Charlotte fighting for their lives as they are drawn into a game of deceit and greed.

An Unexpected Engagement has intriguing mysteries and tender romances. Kenley is a very romantic and sensual man and Charlotte is an intelligent and brave woman.  The excitement, drama and romance in An Unexpected Engagement make it an exceptionally good love story!


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