A Wealthy Widow by Anne Herries
The Hellfire Mysteries, Book 2
Harlequin Historical
ISBN 13: 978-0-263-85159-5 and ISBN 10: 0-263-85159-1
Reviewed by Barb



Charles Hunter is not the man he once was.  He cannot give his heart, as it is broken and he has to find his abducted younger sister, either dead or alive.  His family needs closure.  He cannot forgive himself, so he cannot go forward.  But, his feelings for Arabella are more than what he lets on.  She needs more than what he is able to give.

Financially independent, Lady Arabella Marshall will not marry again.  She married once for love and still feels the pain of the loss of her husband deeply.  Her feelings for Charles are quite unexpected. Do her feelings reflect her true self or are they a side effect of needing Charlesí help and protection.  Only time will tell.

Drawn together by fate, Arabella and Charles will have to draw on each otherís strengths to survive.

A Wealthy Widow is a superb tale of two people drawn together by circumstances beyond either personís control.  The story grabbed my attention and drew me into a finely woven tale of miscommunication, deceit, romance, familial obligation and sorrow.  Both Arabella and Charles are strong characters that have vulnerabilities, which could take over their lives but they manage not to be too angst-ridden over the cards dealt them.

Note: A Wealthy Widow is Book 2 of the The Hellfire Mysteries Trilogy.  A Wealthy Widow is a book that can stand on itís own or as part of the trilogy, as Anne Herries does a wonderful job of letting the reader know what was in the first book and then continues along with the plot of the second book.


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