A Warrior’s Debt by Trudy Thompson
New Concepts Publishing
Fantasy Romance
ISBN 1-58608-917-x
Reviewed by Cassie



Things have changed a lot for Shana Kerr.  In the course of only a few days, she has learned that her real parents were royalty, only she can save her land from an evil sorcerer, and she also finds an injured warrior in the woods.  According to her mentor, Shana must take the mysterious Ryder L’Syr with her on her quest to complete her training and save her kingdom.

Warrior Ryder is injured and wakes up in a strange place with no idea how he got there.  He owes a warrior’s debt to the old woman and her ward, Shana, so he agrees to accompany Shana on her quest.  Over Shana’s objections, he comes with her into the wilderness.  It’s not only his warrior’s debt that makes him want to protect her, though…

A Warrior’s Debt contained all the ingredients of a great action-adventure / fantasy romance.  The story had a heroine with a royal heritage and amazing powers, a strong, sexy warrior-hero, an evil villain, spicy love scenes, and assorted dangerous situations for the hero and heroine to fight their way out of.  Even though A Warrior’s Debt had so much going for it, however, the book somehow failed to hook me.  I couldn’t get all that worked up about the hero and heroine being in peril because I felt distanced from the story and the characters.  Even though the book was very well-written and there was a lot of action, I sometimes found myself wanting to skip ahead, and the final confrontation with the villain seemed very anticlimactic.  If you really love fantasy romance, you might like A Warrior’s Debt, but everyone else will probably want to skip this one.    


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