A Fairy Tale by Kiernan Kelly
Fionn Oí the Fae, Book 1
Torquere Press
Gay Contemporary / Fantasy
Reviewed by Cassie



After one hundred years trapped in Tir-Na-Nog, Fionn is bored and frustrated.  He was cursed by Danu, Queen of the Fae, thousands of years ago, and now he canít leave the Fae realm unless heís summoned by someone who uses the special words written in an old book.  If he is summoned, he has to grant the person one wish. 

Michael OíShea is working overtime to finish a translation of an old book.  When he reads a section of the book aloud, heís shocked when a hot, barely dressed man appears.  He doesnít believe in fairies and wants nothing to do with Fionn, who claims Michael summoned him.  What will Michael do?

A Fairy Taleis a cute, funny, hot beginning of a three-part Chaser series.   Watching serious, straight-laced Michael interact with bold, sexy Fionn made me laugh, especially when they first met and Michael didnít believe he was really a fairy.  I also enjoyed reading about Fionnís past, and the foolish behavior that got him cursed by his Queen in the first place.  Due to its three-part nature, the story ended on a bit of a cliffhanger, and I canít wait to see what happens next!  If youíre looking for a fun, quick paranormal read, you canít go wrong with this one.


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