The Elixir Maidens by Kate Hill

Blood & Soul, Collection 1-4

Changeling Press

Paranormal M/M-M/F

ISBN: 978-1-59596-908-8

Reviewed by Lisa



The Elixir Maidens are a popular drag queen trio who also happen to be vampires.  Over Christmas and New Years they are booked to perform at the legendary Burgundy Peak, an elite vampire club and hotel in NYC.  The owners are vampire Master Zigor and his mate Mel who is a good friend of the trio. 

Of the trio, Ruby, aka James Weller stays in costume on and off stage for the most part.  A personal request has Ruby unwillingly attending an illusionist act when he’d rather be elsewhere.  Ruby considers himself lucky however, once he meets the famous Sir Hagen.  Sparks fly between the two, but the difficulties of becoming a couple may outweigh the possibilities of a future together. 

The second Maiden is Scarlet, aka Gregorio di Alberto, who sings like an angel, but was traumatized by a devil as a child.  Greg meets the man of his dreams at Burgundy Peak in Andrew Netherby.   Except the nightmares of Greg’s youth hold him back from fully committing to Andrew.  Somehow Greg must find the courage to bear his soul to the man he loves and hope his love is returned. 

The last Maiden is Crimson, aka Ritchie, who happens to be the only ‘straight’ member of the group.  Ritchie is in awe of his best friends finding their soul mates, yet scoffs at the idea of him finding one woman to complete him…until he meets Sondra.  The two are perfect for each other in every way.  In fact, the only problem is Sondra’s Creator, Nigel who abhors drag queens and homosexuals.  Asking Sondra to choose between her soul mate and her Creator is tearing her apart, which in turn has Ritchie reassessing which is more important – his love or his career and friends. 

Finally, at Ritchie and Sondra’s wedding an unexpected visitor turns everything upside down for one of the guests.  Nigel has attended the ceremony and keeps his personal feelings in check for the most part until Daniel, Ritchie’s Creator walks through the door.  The two vampires refuse to acknowledge knowing each other even though it is obvious that there is some history between them.  There is a thin line between love and hate – Nigel and Daniel are about to prove it. 

Wholly imaginative and pure fun, The Elixir Maidens are hot stuff!  The love lives of three best friends and one other are explored, vampire style in The Elixir Maidens with wonderful results.  The Collection is filled with sensual moments, witty dialogue, and most importantly, fast paced entertainment.  There is something for everyone in The Elixir Maidens, from M/M loving to the more traditional M/F romance.  Curl up with The Elixir Maidens – they are something else so I can’t help but Joyfully Recommend them to everyone!


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