Conquest by S.J. Frost

MLR Press

Contemporary M/M

ISBN: 978-1-60820-088-7

Reviewed by Lisa



Conquest is yet another struggling band trying to make its mark and get a record deal while they play any dive or hole in the wall in Chicago that will hire them.  What Conquest does have going for itself is lead singer Jesse Alexander with the voice of an edgy angel and a gorgeous body. 

For years the charts were dominated by gifted singer Evan Arden.  Three years ago he disappeared completely, leaving fans and the record industry wondering where heíd gone and why. 

Fate or lady luck herself drops Evan in Chicago where his record label, Phoenix and his manager Greg now reside.  For Evan itís as if lightning strikes the first time he sees and hears Jesse.  For Jesse itís unbelievable that the singer heís idolized for years thinks his band has the talent to make it happen.  More importantly, Jesse is incredibly drawn to Evan, man to man.   

The world is slowly changing, but Greg knows that Conquest will never have a chance if people think that Jesse and Evan are more than just friends.  Evan has already been in the limelight, however Jesse is an unknown who has always dreamed of having the number one spot on the charts.  Making the choice between a dream coming true and finding your soul mate may just tear Jesse apart. 

An erotic romance and bittersweet journey unfolds into Conquest, a story to savor, again and again.  Conquest is a contemporary tour de force emotional powerhouse tale.  An edgy plot with terrific characters in Jesse and Arden, as well as great secondary characters who rise to the occasion - in particular Jesseís brother Brandon.  The overall plot evolves beautifully, layer by layer wringing every emotion possible from the characters.  I realize that some wonít read Conquest because of the M/M scenes and yes, they are explicit, either smoking hot or lovingly sensual.  But itís the love story between Jesse and Arden that makes Conquest so hauntingly poignant and exciting to read.  Conquest is storytelling at itís finest.  I wholeheartedly Joyfully Recommend Conquest.


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