Virtually Hers by Gennita Low

Virtually, book 2

Samhain Publishing

Sci-Fi, Futuristic

ISBN: 978-1-60504-802-4

Reviewed by Jo



Helen "Hell" Roston has not only completed her training but is recovering from her first successful mission.  While on her time off, Hell is thinking about her trainer—the real one not the virtual icon she constructed for VR (Virtual Remote) viewing—when suddenly, she sees something that might be the answer to who it is and is slammed with a major migraine.  Hell goes in for a check-up, only to discover that Jed is back, and does she ever have questions for him.

Jed McNeil is one of the COS Commandos and he has to team up with Hell on her missions.  He is also the head of the Commandos and her trainer/monitor for her VR missions.  Jed has worked hard to compartmentalize his life into nice, neat, unemotional sections. Somehow, that just isn't working with Hell.  Jed knows that something is happening between them that has nothing to do with work. The question is, can either of them afford the distraction?

Hell and Jed are trying to figure out what happened on the last mission and begin what should be a normal VR session.  However, they discover that more is going on than either expected, and it might be a danger to Hell while she is in VR mode.  Jed knows he can bring her back; he'd worked hard to embed a trigger in Hell's head.  Nothing should override it, but something is pulling Hell further away from Jed.  When that session is over, they discover that not only is the serum causing painful headaches and other side effects, but there is a CIA faction out to destroy Hell's program.  To finish the rest of the original mission, Hell and Jed need to trust each other in full or Hell may not make it back to reality the next time.

Black Ops has never felt so good when viewer and monitor come together in reality.  Virtually Hers is a continuation of Helen and Jed's adventure in both the virtual world and the real one.  Helen has figured out just who her monitor is and needs to talk to him about his bedside manner.  Jed knows that he shouldn't be more than Hell's monitor and anchor.  It's just that his body and heart are not listening to his head.  Only half the mission was finished the last time and now they are set to complete it.  I fell in love with Hell's feistiness and Jed's cool-headed pragmatism in Virtually His and just fell further for them here.  How can you not love two hardheaded leaders who can't help but fall for each other, no matter that they know the odds?  Jed and Hell are taken several steps further into their relationship while competing for stolen goods that are at the center of their mission.  I expected many things while waiting for Virtually Hers and was not let down in the least while reading it.  Virtually Hers is a fast-paced and exciting suspense with an ever-growing ribbon of love that you can't help but fall into.  It's also joyfully recommended as a thriller. 

I would highly recommend that you read this series in order.  The first book, Virtually His, is available from Mira in ebook format.  The print format for this book is going to be available through Samhain in Aug. 2010.  I'm waiting on pins and needles for the third book in this truly exciting series.


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