Unmasking Dorian by Violet Summers

Jenner’s Law, Book 1

Liquid Silver Books

Contemporary BDSM

ISBN: 978-1-59578-614-2

Reviewed by Shayna



When Dorian Jenner first saw Cassidy Anderson-Lassiter at her sister’s wedding, he was instantly attracted.  Back then, Cassidy had recently been widowed, had just had a baby, and was in no way prepared to enter a relationship, especially with a man who’s both a Dom and works in a dangerous profession as an undercover vice cop.  Nearly two years later, Dorian sees Cassidy once a week when he goes in to meet with Marcus Worthington, Cassidy’s boss and brother-in-law.  Each time he asks her out and each time he’s rebuffed, so imagine his surprise when he learns the new “cyber-sub” he met and fell for on a BDSM site turns out to be none other than Cassidy.

After discovering her sister Carrie’s BDSM book, Cass is intrigued.  Her wild child days ended when she got pregnant with her daughter, Katie, but lately Cass has yearned to feel alive once more.  Cass decides to give a BDSM site she finds a try, and it’s there she meets Master Darken.  As Cass learns about the world of BDSM and her Master, she falls more and more for the “cyber-Dom.”  When he suggests they meet at Velvet Ice, a club her brother-in-law is part owner of, Cass takes it as a safe opportunity to meet with the man she’s becoming more and more intrigued by.  Cass finds that reality with her masked Dom is even better than cyberspace.  But when Dorian is unmasked and she discovers who Master Darken really is, will Cass’s fear of losing another man to a dangerous profession be enough to kill their fledgling relationship?

Sex and sensuality blend beautifully with patience and the courage to love in the divine Unmasking Dorian.  This blisteringly hot, heartwarming romance is all I could ask for in a story and everything I’ve come to expect from Violet Summers.

I adored Cass.  She’s all that’s kind and likeable, but she’s also suffered a terrible loss which threatens to keep her from living a full life with Dorian.  I understood her fears and also looked forward to seeing her overcome them.  As for Dorian...can we say “HOT”?  He’s an irresistible mix of patience, tenderness, and masterful dominance.  He doesn’t give up on Cass, even when she runs from what they have.  He’s extremely understanding, but not willing to be cowed by her reticence to form an attachment to him because of his job.  He deeply loves Cass, her cute-as-a-button daughter, and his siblings.  And did I mention his sex appeal?  That bears repeating.  Dorian’s the hero dreams are made of, which is a large part of why I fell hard and fast for Unmasking Dorian.

Though Unmasking Dorian is the first in Violet Summers’ sizzling new Jenner’s Law trilogy, fans of this dynamic writing team will be familiar with many of the secondary characters in the story from Violet Summers’ Worthington Group trilogy.  Having not read The Worthington Group books yet, I can safely say that Unmasking Dorian fully stands on its own.  However, I’m more eager than ever to get to better know the Worthingtons, their spouses, and members of the club Velvet Ice after finishing Unmasking Dorian.  I finished Cass and Dorian’s story supremely satisfied and almost desperate to read the stories of Dorian’s intriguing siblings, not to mention those of other Velvet Ice patrons.  Joyfully Recommended!


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