Hard to Hold by Stephanie Tyler

Navy SEAL, Book 1

Bantam Dell

Romantic Suspense

ISBN-13: 978-0440244349

Reviewed by Talia Ricci



Navy SEAL Lt. Jake Hansen and his brother are fighting their way back to their extraction site when they are asked to pick up a civilian left for dead.  Finding the wounded woman exactly where they were told, Jake is concerned with what he finds – and what he feels – for this abused but beautiful woman.  His heart is gone and has been for years so why does he all of a sudden feel as if he will never breathe again unless he can touch her? Getting Dr. Markham out of Africa is not easy – she is the daughter of a senator – but keeping her out of Africa and harm’s way proves even more difficult.   

Isabelle Markham wants to make something of her life. She wants to make a difference.  A doctor specializing in reconstruction, she wants to continue the work she started with the humanitarian organization, but facts are facts.  Her life is in danger because of her mother’s high profile job and besides, she has already been kidnapped and left for dead once, right?  When the hard but innately sexy Navy SEAL, Jake Hansen, is assigned as her bodyguard, Isabelle can’t help but think of his hands, lips, and other primary body parts.  Danger follows her, however, and it is going to take everything she and Jake both have to find their way back stateside alive. 

Stephanie Tyler – I bow down in humble obsequiousness for this amazing suspenseful novel.  I adored Every.  Single. Word.  From beginning to end I was held captive by Jake Hansen and his story – not just what was happening in Hard to Hold, but what had happened to him prior to becoming a Navy SEAL. I loved his loyalty. I loved his defense mechanisms – of which there were many, and I loved the way he watched, waited, and wanted Isabelle.  His ability to keep her safe made me shiver in delight.   

If you have never read a Stephanie Tyler novel before, please read Hard to Hold.  You will be hard pressed to put this thrilling and engaging novel down.  I proudly and joyfully recommend Hard to Hold. It kept me thinking of it even after I read the last word and to know that there are two more just like it coming soon, I just don’t simply think I can wait!


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