Captive of Sin by Anna Campbell



ISBN: 978-0061684289

Reviewed by Shayna



Lady Charis Weston is in a desperate situation.  She is Englandís wealthiest heiress and she must stay out of her stepbrothersí grasp for three more weeks, when she comes into possession of her fortune.  Though sheís able to escape her tormenters, Charis is battered, bruised, and nearly frozen with cold when an unlikely savior crosses her path.

Throughout England, Sir Gideon Trevithick has been hailed as the Hero of Rangapindhi.  Yet Gideon does not wish to be anyoneís hero.  His torture in Rangapindhi has left him with scars, and the external ones are the least of his problems.  All Gideon wants to do is retreat to his childhood home and isolate himself from the world.  His journey home takes an unexpected turn when he discovers a beautiful woman who is clearly in danger.  Unable to leave her, Gideon is willing to do whatever it takes to keep Charis safe, including marry her.  But though heís captivated by Charis, Gideon swears that after their wedding night, their marriage will be in name only.  If only Charis would accept that...

Now Gideonís facing a battle unlike any heís been through before.  But with Charis as the one facing off against him, losing has never been so tempting.  For the cost of this war is his heart, and the prize a love and a passion that could heal the most debilitating of wounds and bring both conquered and conqueror joy that could last a lifetime.

Anna Campbellís gorgeous prose shines in this touching tale of love, desire, and overcoming the odds.  Captive of Sin is a sweeping journey with a hero and heroine that will capture your heart and not let go.  Charis has become one of my favorite heroines of Ms. Campbellís.  Sheís intelligent and kind, but whatís more, she possesses the will to survive, to outwit her scheming stepbrothers and the ugly plans they have in store for her.  Her strength of character is constantly tested and Charis always comes out on top, which makes me admire her all the more.  She needs every bit of that strength to break down the walls Gideon has erected around himself.  He has endured torture beyond what most men could live through, but his imprisonment has left him with an incapacitating weakness that makes him believe, with everything in him, that he will spend the rest of his life alone.  He broke my heart and I loved him for his courage and honor, though he would likely not acknowledge those characteristics in himself.  Itís with the most noble of intentions he tries to push Charis away, but I loved even more that she does not accept that, that she does everything she can to help him.  The passion between Charis and Gideon burns strong and hot, but what makes Captive of Sin stand out is how memorable its protagonists are for their bravery and their love for one another.

Ms. Campbell never fails to entertain, and Captive of Sin is no exception; itís as captivating and deliciously sinful as its title suggests.  Ms. Campbell is a force to be reckoned with, in all the best ways.  Her writing is powerful and her characters vast, varied, and intriguing.  I look forward to reading many more novels by the tremendously talented Ms. Campbell.


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