The Gathering by Antonia Tiranth

Tales of the Rakashi, Book 2

Lyrical Press


Reviewed by Tanya



Gem Tunuviel thought she might finally be able to escape.  It looks like her father might finally be unable to finish his insane quest.  When she is able she takes the first opportunity to escape when she fears that she must warn her fatherís next victim.  She does not think she has much self worth but will do what it takes to keep her father from fulfilling his latest plan.  She doesnít count on the vision that she has and the face that she sees in it.   When she comes face to face with Shirak Gwindor again, she is afraid he will remember her part in his incarceration, whether she was a willing participant or not.  As things progress throughout the story Gem finally feels like she might fit in.  But will she be able to trust Shirak enough to overcome past abuses, or will she do whatever she can to protect those she has come to care for? 

Shirak is stunned to see the beauty show up looking for his former mentor.  He is also shocked to find he is attracted to her like he has never been to another.  But his sense of duty must come first as he fears his race depends on it.  Will he be able to trust and love someone who took part in his torture and imprisonment? 

Ms. Tiranth has a winning series going with her Tales of the Rakashi.  The Gathering is the latest in this series and has lived up to my expectations, after loving the first in the series.  While The Gathering is a strong storyline with many twists and turns one thing is obvious and that is Ms. Tiranth is able to take an emotionally challenging issue (emotional/verbal abuse) and weave it into a story about dragons, and it works.  I am impressed that she was able to take on such a strong topic and yet not let it bring down the overall tone of the story. 

I am hooked and cannot wait for the next Tales of the Rakashi book.  Again the highest accolade I can give is to make it a Joyfully Reviewed pick.


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