The Bond That Saves Us by Christine DíAbo

Eternal Bonds Series, Book 4

Elloraís Cave


ISBN: 9781419923173

Reviewed by Tanya



Captain Amy Bryson knows that the Catallian Race is the answer to her dreams.  It could also be the end of them if the mysterious drug lord trying to force her to do his bidding gets his way.  Amy will go down fighting if she has to.  She may like to push the envelope but she will not transport illegal freight, even if it costs her everything. 

Add to this stress the fact that her pheromones are in full swing the minute she lays eyes on Sean in the infirmary and things are likely to get a lot more interesting than she had planned.  Has she finally found the one man who can resist her biology but doesnít want to, so his reactions are real? 

Sean has blamed himself for the Ecada attack on the mining colony Eurus for four years.  It doesnít matter to him that all of his friends have long ago forgiven him and think he needs to move on with his life.  He was under the control of others and unable to see through their manipulation, he canít be held responsible for everything when in that state.  But, Sean doesnít see things that way, no matter what his friends, and even an empath, tell him.  One thing is for certain he was never prepared to meet Amy.  She is not like anyone else he has ever met.  No matter what happens he wants to makes sure this little spitfire lives to tell.  Can he forgive himself for the past and reach for it all? 

Will they live through the threats on Amyís life and be able to have that happy ever after ending? 

I have long waited for Sean to find peace.  I have loved his character from the first in this series.  The Bond That Saves Us did not let me down as Sean has found his match in Captain Amy.  I was pulled in from the start of The Bond That Saves Us and while it is the fourth in a series it could easily be a standalone story, though you would miss three other wonderful tales.  I Joyfully Recommend The Bond That Saves Us as it is a fast paced and interesting read.  


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