Tasting Fear by Shannon McKenna


Erotic Suspense Anthology

ISBN 978-0-7582-2863-5

Reviewed by Nannette



“Outside the Limit” 

Nancy D’Onofrio’s foster mother Lucia has been murdered, and the now the killer is after her and her sisters, Nell and Vivi. Liam Knightly thinks he’s starting a construction job for Lucia when he meets Nancy at Lucia’s home. Once he finds out what’s happened, Liam decides to become Nancy’s protector instead - whether she wants it or not.  Nancy never thought she’d find true love in a man as uncompromising as Liam. Now she just has to stay alive long enough to prove to him they are meant to be.   

The scene “Outside the Limit” gets its title from is poignant and sensual. Liam is a bit old fashioned, a bit possessive, and very sexy. At first, it seems Liam and Nancy are wrong for each other. She’s not what he wanted and his intensity scares her, but I was quickly drawn in by their compatibility on an emotional level. Liam is perfect for Nancy. He pushes her without being too overwhelming. He pries the insecurity out of her one kiss and one touch at a time. “Outside the Limit” has hot sex, tender emotions, and a very dangerous villain.  


“Ask for More” 

Nell D’Onofrio can hardly believe she has finally gotten the attention of the gorgeous man who has lunch in the restaurant she waitresses at. He’s there every day at 3:15 on the dot. However, Nell has her hands full trying to find out why her foster mother was murdered, why her sister was abducted, and keeping herself safe from the same fate. Duncan Burke likes having no entanglements. He likes every minute of his day organized and planned out so when the sexy waitress that’s been serving him turns his predictable world on its edge, he should be running from her, instead he can’t stay away.  

Nell is more book smart than street smart, which is where Duncan excels. Their feelings are tangible in “Ask for More”. Whether it’s Nell’s fear, passion, or insecurity or Duncan’s need for order and logic, their feelings pour off the pages. The villain gets crazier and angrier in “Ask for More”. His single minded focus on getting the sisters makes every encounter scarier. “Ask for More” is exciting and emotional. 


“Ready or Not” 

Jack Kendrick had a very different image of Vivi when he agreed to harbor her from a psycho out to kill her and her sisters.  Vivi D’Onofrio - youngest of the D’Onofrio sisters - is a free spirit.  Her tattoos and flowing skirts make her appear flighty, but deep down Vivi is a fighter. She’s going to need every ounce of that ability to stay safe and keep her heart intact when she falls for Jack. Jack is convinced that Vivi is going to pack up and leave, despite the mind blowing sex and the fact that she keeps telling him she won’t. When opportunity knocks, Jack thinks Vivi will change her tune and she’ll take his heart with her when she goes.  

Vivi and Jack’s story in “Ready or Not” is probably the most emotion filled for me. Jack’s insecurity and need is endearing. He wants so desperately for Vivi to stay. He’s romantic and wonderful with her, until he pushes her too far. Vivi is gentle and sweet, but she’s tough as nails when she needs to be. She gives everything to Jack. Unfortunately, Jack won’t let his guard down to let her in. The passion and emotion in “Ready or Not” are as intense as the killer’s final attempt to get what he wants.  


Duncan, Jack, and Liam are very different guys, but they have a few things in common:  they are amazing lovers and when they fall, they fall hard and forever.  Nancy, Nell, and Vivi are also very different, but they have hearts of gold and a need to be loved. I was lost in a sensual haze and entangled in the villain’s web while reading Tasting Fear.  I love the way Shannon McKenna writes. I love the way her books make me feel. Her brand of romance is erotic, edgy, and intense. From sadistic killers to hot sex, I can’t get enough.


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