Steamy Nights by Marie Treanor

Changeling Press

Time-Travel, Alternative History, Dark Fantasy

ISBN:  978-1-60521-101-5

Reviewed by Patrice F.



Caratacus is exiled from his dimension and left stranded in 19th century Edinburgh until he can come up with a way to return home.  Determined to regain everything he has lost due to the treachery of those he trusted, the last thing he expects is to find passion and love with Miriam, a beautiful siren of the streets.   Through his own ingenuity, he builds an engine using steam technology which triggers a series of chaotic events that disrupts the flow of time and history.  He is charged with setting everything to rights, and while it is no small feat, Miri will remain at his side through every obstacle. 

Will their love survive the pitfalls and hazards of time-travel?  Does Caratacus have the means to track down the main source of the disruption?  And will he be able to return to his own time with his new love, Miri?  Before its all over, he and Miri will solve a mystery involving disappearing prostitutes, meet Robert Louis Stevenson and struggle to stay alive in a time and place where survival is dependent on chance and might.  

Mix time-travel devices plus 19th century technology, throw in a strangely named scientist/adventurer whos a ringer for David Beckham (with Dr. Whos personality), add sleazy, ruthless villains and peculiar odd-balls, then set him up with a love interest thats a fusion of fallen angel/girl-next-door, and you still wont quite grasp it all until you actually read Steamy Nights.  I got sucker punched by the Steam Punk muse that seduced Marie Treanor, and after waking up on Fantasy-Fiction Drive with a happy smile on my face, all I can say is, Lets do it again!  Caratacus is the kind of hero that can take advantage of my momentary stupor anytime!  He made the entire narrative hum with thrills, excitement, and heat.  Miri compliments his wild, boyishly chaotic energy, driving the story with a quixotic insanity that never quits.  Whatever direction this story takes, it works and will never leave you disappointed even when you feel left behind.  Im reserving a special slot for Steamy Nights on my Recommended Read dance card, and so should you.     


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