Skykeepers by Jessica Andersen

The Final Prophecy, Book 3


Paranormal/Urban Fantasy

ISBN: (10) 0451227700 (13) 978-0451227706

Reviewed by Amelia



Chef Sasha Ledbetter grew up with tales of the Nightkeepers, a group of mystical warriors who are fighting the forces of evil in conjunction with the Mayan clock countdown. The tales came from his father, Ambrose, whom Sasha thought to be losing his mind.  After one particularly brutal ritual with Ambrose several years past, she cut off all contact with him. Now she is in the rainforest, searching for him. But Sasha gets more than she bargained for when she is captured by evil forces, forces which hope she has the key to where Ambrose has hidden the library, which will help them further their quest for domination.


Michael Stone is a very complex man. As a member of the Nightkeepers he is battling the forces of evil. But Michael has a past that none of his fellow Nightkeepers know about. He fights daily with an unseen force that threatens to take hold of him, and turn him into something that he doesn’t want. When he sees a photo of Sasha he is obsessed. When he helps his fellow Nightkeepers free her from her captors the spark between them is magical, and he knows he has to have her.


But Michael is afraid of what is inside him, and refuses to endanger Sasha with it. When Sasha finds out her father’s stories are true, she’s amazed. But even more secrets await her, ones that will show Sasha her destiny, and, hopefully, help her keep hold of Michael, the man that she loves.


Skykeepers is the third book in the Final Prophecy series by Jessica Andersen, and it packs a wallop. Ms. Anderson has penned a fantastic novel that draws the reader in and keeps them enthralled page after page. The world of the Mayan countdown clock is fascinating, and I loved the way Ms. Andersen portrayed it, giving the reader glimpses of a culture that has long been mysterious.


Sasha is an independent woman who refuses to allow herself to be used. I loved her spirit and the way she fought for what she wanted. In the tragic hero department, Michael is perfectly cast. His secrets made my eyes widen, but Sasha’s love for him, and the way they came together, tore at my heartstrings.


The world of the Nightkeepers is wonderful, and I love visiting it. It is intricate, magical and absolutely fascinating. I eagerly await the next outing, and I Joyfully Recommend Skykeepers to all lovers of Urban Fantasy.


Step inside the Nightkeeper world and prepare to be swept away. I am sure that, like me, you won’t be sorry that you did.


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