Object of His Desire by A.C. Arthur
Genesis Press
ISBN: 978-1585710942
Reviewed by Nikita Steele



Can money buy love?  Well, for Jordan Blake it can.  From the first moment he saw her, Jordan knew that he would have Macy Glenn and have her he would, even if it meant using his business connection influences to make it happen. 

Macy Glenn was determined to make senior partner with her law firm.  Macy knew that she had to work hard and to stay on the top of her game in order to advance in her career.  However, what she didnít expect was to given an ultimatum by her boss Ė either she willingly became Jordan Blakeís personal attorney or she would kiss her partnership goodbye.  Needless to say Macy was not a happy camper and to make matters worse she had to move across country to Jordanís hometown.

Before he could turn on his seductive charm, Jordanís bother suspiciously dies and Jordan immediately suspects that his Mafia Italian father was behind it.  So, Jordan whisks Macy off to Sicily in hope of confronting his estranged father and romancing Macy into his bed.  But instead of finding answers, deadly secrets are revealed and Macyís life became endangered.  Will Jordan be able to keep the woman he loved out of harmís way all while exposing his fatherís suspected dirty deeds?

Object of His Desire is a tale overflowing with thrilling suspense and super hot romance.  From start to finish I was hanging on the edge of my seat with great anticipation and I am proud to say that I was not disappointed.  A. C. Arthur threw in one surprising twister after another.  Just when I thought that I had figured things out, I was astonished by the revealed truth.  And, letís not forget about the chemistry sparkling between Jordan and Macy.   The coupleís was passion seductive, flamingly hot and romantic.  This is one book that readers will not want to miss.   


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