Hard Case by J. Hali Steele

Ellora’s Cave

Paranormal Romance

ISBN: 9781419922862

Reviewed by Shayna



Case Tangara can’t believe the manager of his new exhibitionism/voyeur club is a green-haired snow leopard shifter.  One of the Kind, a white lion with vampyre blood, Case is equally at ease with both his shifter and vampyre side.  Unsure whether Tres Moran is the right person to manage his club, Case decides to put her to the test; and to seduce her as a shifter.  But both parts of him are attracted to Tres.  So when Case discovers her voyeuristic side, he indulges himself by masking his scent and seducing Tres as vampyre as well.

Scarred by her past, Tres Moran doesn’t want to fall in love and have her lover turn on her once again.  But she can’t help but be drawn to both Case and her mysterious vampyre lover.  The vampyre indulges her love of voyeurism, but Case tempts her with the idea of performing herself.  Two males, each impossible to resist.  What will happen when Tres finds out that the two males she’s falling for are one and the same?

Readers beware – this book burns.  Hard Case is a wickedly sexy adventure that turns up the heat and will leave you begging for more.  I absolutely loved this story; it’s exciting, original, and utterly engaging.  Case is the kind of alpha hero that will make you sweat.  He’s dominant, sexy, protective, and a successful businessman.  Tres, in turn, will capture your heart.  She’s strong, smart, and kind, making her incredibly likeable. She also has reasons to be wary of relationships, which give her a slight air of vulnerability.

The sparks Case and Tres create are like tinder to a flame.  J. Hali Steele definitely knows how to make the most of both the voyeurism and exhibitionism scenes in Hard Case.  Both the erotic tension between Tres and Case and the fulfillment of their desires makes the book sizzle.  Hard Case works on every level and I hope desperately Ms. Steele writes a book for Case’s friend Alek.  Joyfully Recommended!


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