Dominion by Michael Barnette

Loose Id

Futuristic M/M Ė BDSM

ISBN: 978-1-59632-956-0

Reviewed by Lisa



Decades ago vampires, shifters, humans and other beings were shipped from Old Earth to a new planet they named Hopehaven.  For a time there was peace but it didnít last long.  Today, the vampires control their dominions, shifters have their lands and the humans and others try to survive alongside the two stronger species, usually as slaves. 

With the recent deaths of his sire and grandsire, Prince Lucien is now ruler of the Black Fortress Dominion and Keeper of the Southern March.  His second-in-command is Duke Kinji a half vampire, half demon being and Lucienís primary lover.  Kinji is more important to Lucien than all the females in his blood harem.  They are bonded by blood, magic and love. 

A nearby village is raided by werewolf shifters and a lone feline shifter attempts to murder Prince Lucien as well as evil magic that targets the royal and his personal retinue have the fortress on the defensive.  Someone alone or in league with others is systematically trying to destroy Prince Lucien and all under his protection.  If Prince Lucien and Kinji canít figure out very quickly just who is involved everything they have will be lost. 

Dominion will literally take your breath away with the unique storyline, fast pacing and blistering hot sexual interludes.  Intricate layers within the plotline make for a much more interesting and believable tale.  The characters in Dominion are multi dimensional and highly sensual.  Beware - the sexual situations are not for the faint of heart, they are scorching.  Dominion is an original and I Joyfully recommend it for those who dare to walk on the wild side.  Mare sure your air conditioner is working before you start reading Dominion.


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