Chasing Tail by Lorne Rodman

Torquere Press

Urban Fantasy (M/M)

ISBN: 978-1-60370-752-7, 1-60370-752-2

Reviewed by Sabella



Tony likes keeping a low profile. Because of his job as a snitch for the Demon world most people donít like him, rather they fear him.  However, his desire to remain below anyoneís radar is blown when Salter, a human wall of a man and Demon Hunter to boot, decides that Tony is just the Demon to help him with his latest bounty.  As he embarks into this supposedly short stint as Salterís helper things change in ways that neither man nor Demon expects. 

Chasing Tail is a captivating and highly entertaining read full of Tonyís internal dialogue that will have you laughing right along with him.  Lorne Rodman hits the spot with this story as both Tony and Salter jump out of the page and become almost real with their offbeat humor and reluctant partnership.  Donít miss Chasing Tail for a read that is out of the ordinary and full of humor.  I sure hope Lorne Rodman brings them back for an encore soon, as this story ended well before Iíd had my fill of Tony and Salter!


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