Bengal's Heart by Lora Leigh

Feline Breeds

Berkley Sensation


ISBN: 978-0425229025

Reviewed by Jo



Cassa Hawkins is a reporter who fights with her stories for the survival of the breeds.  After being betrayed by someone she should have been able to trust, Cassa has worked harder these past eleven years to make up for it.  Most of the breeds she has met have become friends and even teachers, all except one the most important one.

Cabal St. Laurents is a Bengal breed who was saved the night Cassa turned up at his lab for a story.  Things didn't go quite as planned during that rescue, but Cabal is a survivor.  That night changed many things for both Cabal and Cassa, involving both freedom and ties.  Cabal has grown to enjoy his freedom during the past eleven years but he still holds secrets from everyone.

Years later Cabal and Cassa are both hunting for the same thing the rogue breed killing specific men in a horrible way.  Cassa wants to get an amazing story while Cabal wants to take care of the breed before the public gets wind that a breed is responsible for the kills.  Normally Cassa has no problems working with any of the breeds, however Cabal is special as is there relationship.  A pattern is developing with the men getting killed, and where.  Cabal and Cassa will have to come to terms with their relationship if they are both going to have a chance at the future both have come to crave.

One horrible night changed lives and set destinies in motion.  Bengal's Heart finally brings Cabal his mate.  Cassa uses her access to the public to help forward the breeds survival. Cabal is more than anyone expected, human or breed, and he uses it to fight for the breed cause.  I have been wanting Cabal's story ever since his brother Tanner received his.  I knew that Cabal would have to have a special mate and Cassa is all of that with her sass and determination to cover every story if it will help the breeds.  There were so many places where I kept thinking really that could never be right.  Only to be proved wrong by the engaging plot that Ms. Leigh used to bring Cabal and Cassa together.  I absolutely loved how Cassa and Cabal didn't just fall into becoming mates, but stayed true to themselves and their lifestyles.  The sparks were flying from the beginning and while they weren't all sexual they were just as hot.  I loved watching Cabal and Cassa learn that love is so much stronger when it is fought for.  Bengal's Heart will make you sigh, cry, and believe that some love is destined to be.  I can't think of any better way to tell you how much I loved Bengal's Heart than to Joyfully Recommend it.


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