Angle of Attack by A.R. Moler

Hell Dogs Squadron, book 2

Torquere Press

Paranormal, M/M

ISBN: 978-1-60370-670-4, 1-60370-670-4

Reviewed by Raine



Dr. Mason Flynn returns home and notices little things out of place. He writes it off as being due to his hectic schedule until bullets fly through his house. Cameron arrives at Mason’s to find shattered glass and blood. He immediately heads out to use his ability to find the man who has come to mean something to him. 

Angle of Attack in the Hell Dogs Squadron picks up and takes off fast where Touch and Go left off. It is like a summer box office sensation—lots of action, gunfire and bad guys! Add to that equation having a sixth sense, and there is nothing better…other than some hot man love, and A.R. Molar provides that as well. An excellent series you will love, I know I did.


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