Jaciís Experiment by Bianca DíArc
Resonance Mates, Book 3
Samhain Publishing
Sci-Fi Futuristic
ISBN: 1-60504-127-0
Reviewed by Jambrea




Jaci has a problem.  She exposed herself to an experimental skin patch that causes emotions to come out of an emotionless person.  If it is found out that she has been dosed with the experiment, she is as good as dead.

Turning to the human test subjects for help is Jaciís only option.  Will they help her?

Mike and Dave had stayed a step ahead of the Alvian for a long time until the aliens sent their best after them.  Being psychic has helped the cousins keep their sanity as well as the others in their cell block. 

When Jaci goes on the run to avoid Alvian justice, will Mike and Dave help her in her time of need?  Will Jaci be able to control the emotions that are washing over her?  Can two different species have a happy ending?

Jaciís Experiment is other worldly and hot, hot, hot.  Jaciís growth is the best part of the story.  Watching her go from no emotions to all emotions was fabulous.  Bianca DíArc really knows what she is doing.  Mike and Dave are perfect for Jaci and I love watching the three interact.  It was nice to revisit the characters from the first two books and it really helped round out a wonderful story.  I canít wait for the next story in this series because Ms. DíArc keeps me wanting more.

I am Joyfully Recommending Jaciís Experiment because it is the best story in the Resonance Mates series.  Jaciís Experiment is a story about growth with lots of love and laugher, as well as an action-packed story that made me want only good things for Jaci, Mike and Dave.  The world created by Ms. DíArc is so rich and wonderful that I hope it never ends.


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