Seduction of a Proper Gentleman by Victoria Alexander
Last Man Standing series, Book 4
ISBN: 978-0-06-144946-8; 0-06-144946-6
Reviewed by Sabella




Oliver Leighton, The Earl of Norcroft, was as surprised as anyone when he won the tontine that he and his friends had set up as a rather silly bet as to who would be last man of their group to marry.  After all, out of all of them Oliver was the only one that wasn’t actively avoiding marriage.  In fact Oliver would not have been averse to the idea at all – if he could find the right woman, something more difficult than expected, as Oliver wants love – yes, Oliver is a romantic at heart and he refuses to settle for a marriage for less than love.  So with a heavy heart, and his winnings, Oliver sets off to his country home to settle his mind and finds a stranger that just might be the woman he has been looking for his entire life…

Kathleen MacDavid is desperate.  She must marry Lord Norcroft to end a curse that has plagued both their families for centuries.  But how does a woman go about convincing a stranger that he must marry her in order to save both their families?  Especially when not even Kathleen is at all sure that the curse if real, but not to fear her aunt has a plan – a dangerous thing in and of itself, but it will get Kathleen in the door of the Earl’s home.  But when the plan goes awry and Kathleen loses her memories due to some freakish accident everything becomes more complicated, especially when Kathleen remembers her true reason for being in the Earl’s home…

This time it’s Oliver’s turn to fall in the parson’s trap – except that he would not mind at all, if he could find a woman he could love.  When Kathleen practically thrown at him by fate, Oliver doesn’t miss the chance and finds that she is the embodiment of everything he wants – intelligence, wit and strength.

Seduction of a Proper Gentleman is a fantastic conclusion to the Last Man Standing series by Victoria Alexander as it nicely wraps up a wonderful series full of witty and sensual characters that are not easily forgotten.  Oliver will charm you from the first page with his romantic heart and sharp wit that more often than not is directed at himself and his own foibles, making it funny beyond words to follow his thoughts and impressions.  Kathleen is also a charming character full of vulnerabilities that make her a character readers will be able to relate to without difficulty.  As we have come to expect from Victoria Alexander, Seduction of a Proper Gentleman is full of sensual moments between Oliver and Kathleen, but what makes their interactions shine is the skillful use of wit, sarcasm and humor to color the pages.  Ms. Alexander’s trademark use of witty main characters surrounded by quirky, and somewhat odd, secondary characters will pull you into this story and not let you go until you turn the last page and leave you sighing at the romance of it all!  Pick up Seduction of a Proper Gentleman for an entertaining read that will transport you to another age while making you laugh at the antics of the characters.


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