Rogue Angel by Stephani Hecht
Archangel Series, Book 3
eXtasy Books
Paranormal/Fantasy Romance
ISBN: 978-1-55487-099-8
Reviewed by Shayna




As a child, Appolion was dragged into Hell when his parents sided with Lucifer during his attempt to take over Heaven.  Abused for countless centuries before finally being exiled from Hell, Appolion wanders Earth, helping humankind but isolating himself from everyone and everything, even his angel siblings.  Yet, Appolion wonít be able to stay on the sidelines forever.  He is the fated Destroyer, an angel of rare gifts and abilities, and part of the archangel Order of Four.  Demons from Hell are out to destroy him and a power struggle in Heaven means justice angels are after Appolion as well.  Constantly on the move, Appolion puts his faith in no one, until the one angel he canít resist catches up to him.

Ana, an angel enforcer, has spent the past three years tracking Appolion.  The ex-justice angel is determined to bring Appolion back to Heaven and reunite him with the rest of the Order.  But when Ana finally catches up with her troublesome assignment, desire more powerful than either could have imagined sparks between the two.  As danger threatens Appolion, Ana, and those they hold dear, will the budding romance between the enforcer and the Destroyer survive?

Once again, Stephani Hecht has written a fantastic, exhilarating tale.  Like the first two books in Ms. Hechtís Archangel series, Rogue Angel is a thrilling romantic read I could not put down.  Rogue Angel picks up three years after the last book, Captive Angels, ends.  The world Ms. Hecht created continues to develop as the war between demons and angels continues, even as the power struggles in Heaven escalate.  While Appolion and Ana are the center of the story, the subplots and world building intertwine with the romance flawlessly.

A fast-paced, exciting read with endearing new characters and familiar characters I love more with every book, Rogue Angel did not disappoint.  I liked Appolion and Ana before; I love them now.  Their romance was, in a word, lovely to watch unfold and still makes me smile to think back on it.  In addition, I was eager to learn more about supporting characters such as Cam, Bear, and Michael and was delighted to watch their storylines evolve.  Ms. Hecht definitely kept me on my toes the entire book, seamlessly weaving twists I did not expect, but cannot wait to see how they develop as the series continues.

For those new to the Archangel series, there is just enough background information that the book can stand on its own.  However, to gain a better understanding of the storyline as a whole (as the storyline flows from one book to the next), I would recommend reading Angel Warriors and Captive Angels first.  I Joyfully Recommend Rogue Angel and I am on the edge of my seat waiting for the next installment of Ms. Hechtís incredible Archangel series.


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