Obsessed by KZ Snow
Changeling Press
M/M, Fantasy
ISBN:  978-1-60521-022-3
Reviewed by Raine




A dire situation once brought vampire Adin to his friend Jackson to feed and it became intimate. Now, ten years later, Adin is mortal and with the woman he loves, but he is dreaming and cannot forget about his time with Jackson. Under the advice of his wife, Adin goes to see Jackson wanting to know if there is something there or if it is a one-sided attraction.

Oh man….are these characters hot! Adin and Jackson’s characters both scream sex. The guys dance around one another and their feelings in the beginning of Obsessed. But when Adin gets Jackson to admit how he feels and they hit the sheets, the shower….well you get the idea…it is hot enough the pages may burn your fingers. Do not miss out on Obsessed, I loved it and am Joyfully Recommending it!


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