Marriage on Her Mind by Cindi Myers
HQN-American #1182
ISBN: 9780373751860
Reviewed by Tanya




Casey Jernigan has to finally start living life on her own terms.  This means stopping a wedding before she walks down the aisle, striking out on her own and moving to a new area where the socialite seems to be a bit of a fish out of water on the first day.  But her landlord and neighbor, the super sexy Max, is definitely going to tempt her to try to find her inner wild woman.  Too bad neither of them is looking for something long term.  But, with the fast-paced, fun-filled lifestyle of the mountain community, will they be able to keep their brains in check and let the romance take hold?Or will they scare each other off.

What’s a girl to do when she finds everyone else seems to be running her life for her?  Well she takes back control of her life and destiny is what.  That is the story that you will find in Marriage on Her Mind by Cindi Myers  which I found to be a laugh out loud funny story about an offbeat area of Colorado.  Ms. Myers has a wonderful imagination as she dreams up all the different things for Cindi and the tourism office to plan.  Through it all Casey and Max are falling in love, no matter how hard they fight it.  Because of all the humor and how quickly Ms. Myers sucked me into this story I decided Marriage on Her Mind needed to be Joyfully Recommended.


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