Lessons from a Courtesan by Jenna Petersen
Historical /Regency
ISBN: 978-0-06-113814-0
Reviewed by Talia Ricci





Three years ago Justin Talbot, the Earl of Baybary, married Victoria Reed.  After claiming and consummating his marriage Justin immediately leaves his bride at his country estate and returns to London where he intends to take up his life where he left it Ė before he became a husband.

Victoria doesnít understand why Justin married her only to leave her to her own devices in the country.  She knows her father has something to do with it but since she is estranged from him, she isnít going to search for answers.  Although she is humiliated to be left alone without her new groom, Victoria agrees with Justinís parting statement.  Life at his home in the country is much better than had she stayed in her fatherís house in London.

Years pass and Justin has not laid eyes on his wife since the night they consummated their marriage.  Imagine his surprise and horror at running into and looking face to face with ďRiaĒ, Londonís newest courtesan.  It seems that Justinís wife has some explaining to do and he knows just what to do to get her to talk.  And it doesnít involve words.

The cover alone of Lessons from a Courtesan was reason enough for me to buy this book had I not already known and loved the work of Jenna Petersen.  My first glance at Justin Talbot was not a good impression, although I knew without a doubt he was hiding something.  Never overly cruel, his indifference towards leaving his wife on her own was enough to make me want to reach into the pages and grab her.  First impressions are often wrong and mine were.  Justin was loyal to his family and while he was being blackmailed and threatened by Victoriaís father, he never treated her cruelly.  For that alone, I found myself intrigued by him to the point that I yearned for his happiness. I found Victoria to be stubborn but smart, sassy but feminine, and her desire for Justin realistic.  No matter their wedding night, Victoria was unsure of his feelings but knew her own.  I love that in a heroine.

Jenna Petersen outdid herself on Lessons from a Courtesan.  The sensuality of the characters and the way they intertwined was beautifully written.  I canít rave enough about Lessons from a Courtesan; readers will just have to take my word for it that this book is not to be missed!  In fact, I Joyfully Recommend it to all lovers of historical romance.  You wonít be sorry!


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