Knock Three Times by Amarinda Jones
Ellora’s Cave
Contemporary Erotic
ISBN: 9781419916922
Reviewed by Indy




Sexually frustrated and growing madder by the hour, Montgomery French is ready to take matters into her own hands. Setting the stage for seduction Montie is ready for war...then sex. Ballantyne Teague is on assignment in a neighborhood where a burglar has residents on edge. Watching the lovely Montie try to entice her boyfriend into a night of loving pushes his body into a lustful haze—one he’s determined to do something about. It is not his fault Montie assumes he’s the neighborhood prowler. All he cares about is the instantaneous heat they create.

A passion so delicious it sends Ballantyne and Montie: into a whirlwind affair where they’re unable to be in the same room without sparks flying. Of course nothing is easy as Montie will have to come to a decision about her boyfriend/roommate and “Tyne” has to catch a thief before he steals the most precious item this small community has to offer.

Truth is truth and the biggest truth of all is that I’m horribly addicted to the work of Amarinda Jones. Knock Three Times is just another addition to a project of works that make you smile and keep you chuckling all while sending the body into overdrive. I’m not sure how Ms. Jones comes up with her delightfully wicked heroines but again she’s hit the jackpot. A heroine who is a little self-conscious, with a few curves and a sex pot in the bedroom who’s not shy at all about taking the pleasure offered. Montie is the kind of woman you either love or ignore, quirky with a touch of innocence she’s still a woman to be reckoned with.

Partnering her with a kind, caring devastatingly handsome and understanding man whose sex drive surpasses her own makes for a match made in romance heaven. This story gave me a phenomenal couple, back breaking sex, a cute plot and plenty of smile inducing situations. All this and more makes it easy to Joyfully Recommend Knock Three Times for the month of September.


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