Kiss of Fury by Deborah Cooke
Dragonfire, Book 2
Signet Eclipse
ISBN: 978-0-451-22476-7
Reviewed by Jo




Donovan Shea is a Pyr warrior (dragon shifter) who with his fellow Pyr is out to save the world and all its treasures that include humankind.  Gaia is very upset about what has been going on with her world, now the Pyr are charged with helping put all that is wrong back on the right path before it is too late.  Donovan is prepared to give his all to defeat the Slayers (dragons determined to destroy humans) and his impulsiveness and daring just might work in his favor when he finds out that the current firestorm is his.

Alexandra (Alex) Madison is intelligent, determined and a scientist who is on the final steps of finishing the Madison Project – a new type of car that uses water and leaves no emissions.  But when her partner is killed and she ends up in the hospital with dreams of dragons murdering him, Alex is headed directly to the Psychiatric Ward.  Well, until a very sexy man steals her right from the hospital. 

Alex and Donovan soon discover that there is more than a normal spark between them but both are determined that a bonding call will not sway them from their goals.  Danger travels with them as they figure out it is the Slayers who attacked Alex and her partner and they are very determined that the Madison Project will never get to fruitation.  Alex and Donovan have to battle to meet Alex’s deadline along with the help of the rest of the Pyr.  Ancient prophesy and love are just two of the keys that Alex and Donovan will need to defeat the Slayers and discover just what having a firestorm means.

The Pyr are smoking hot.  Kiss of Fury is Donovan’s firestorm and he doesn’t really want it.  Alex decides that she just might have something to say about that though.  Together Alex and Donovan make a perfect pair, both personally and in their fight to save the world.  Firestorm can make a couple mate but with Alex and Donovan the flash between them was only the beginning.  I found that the spark inside each of them was deeper, stronger and allowed them to overcome past fears and embrace the bonding that just needed to be acknowledged to become a force all of its own.  When I finish a book with a smile, a sigh and a whine for the next one NOW, can there be any surprise that I would Joyfully Recommend it?  Kiss of Fury is simply outstanding from beginning to end.  The only problem I found was when I turned the last page and now I have to wait for the next Dragonfire book to come.

I highly recommend that readers read the first book, Kiss of Fire, prior to this one as the stories follow one another.


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