If All The Sand Were Pearl by Pepper Espinoza
A Calling of Souls Story
Samhain Publishing
M/M Fantasy
ISBN: 1-60504-199-8
Reviewed by Ley




Jag Martin never planned to marry, at least not in the traditional way.  From the age of twelve he only wanted to be a priest and his life path lead him toward the priesthood. Until his familyís financial troubles finds him betrothed to a man he has never met.

Brace wants a partner to share his life with but he never expected to find an appropriate suitor until the Martinís offer their son Jagís had in marriage.  As much as much as Brace is thrilled with the prospect of finding a mate, he will not force Jag to marry if itís not what he truly wants.  Brace offers Jag a way out of their engagement, but following ceremonial protocol he will use the mandatory 24 hours heís given when he and Jag meet face to face, to convince Jag that life together can be everything they both desire.

If All The Sand Were Pearl is beautiful, sensual and fantastic.  Pepper Espinoza builds this fantasy world that centers around two men who lived different lives that were similar in their loneliness.  Jag eased his loneliness by turning to his faith and Brace eased his with one-night stands and paid escorts.  With those few encounters he has never felt the satisfaction and the completeness heís felt after only a few hours with Jag. Iíve already read If All The Sand Were Pearl twice and I know I will it read many, many, many more times.  I enjoyed every word of this book and I Joyfully Recommend If All The Sand Were Pearl.


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