Daria's Dilemma by Eve Vaughn
Big, Blooming & Wild!
Changeling Press
ISBN: 978-1-59596-996-5
Reviewed by Zayn




Identical twins Ethan and Cole are both looking for mates.  The catch is that they want to share one.  It will be hard enough to convince their potential mate of the joys of sharing, but there's another issue. Ethan and Cole are shape-shifting trees.  They have a plan, though.

Daria West is all curves and proud of it, except when she goes out with her model-thin friends and doesn't get a second look from the guys.  Enter Ethan Granger, tall, broad, handsome and interested in her!  Daria is over the moon and just when she thinks things are too good to be true, she finds out that she's been tricked.

I have read and enjoyed shifter stories in the past, but never a tree shifter story, so I was very curious.  Daria's Dilemma blew me away and I am now a bona fide tree shifter fan.  Ethan and Cole were absolutely yummy, and Daria was a wonderful combination of strength and vulnerability.  Daria's Dilemma delivers the perfect mix of humor, hot sex and romance, and it is with pleasure that I Joyfully Recommend it to you.


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