A Loverís Worth by AlTonya Washington
The Ramseys Series
iUniverse, Inc.
African American Contemporary, Suspense
ISBN: 978-0595526703
Reviewed by Nikita Steele




There was a time when Johari Frazierís life was filled with blissful happiness.  Then, tragedy struck like a bolt of lightening.  She found Moses Ramsey, the love of her life, in bed with another woman just when she was about to inform him that she was pregnant with their child and the final blow came weeks later when she miscarried.  The ultimate betrayal was a hard lesson learned for Johari and she vowed never to trust a man again, especially Moses Ramsey.  But, years later when Moses shows up on her doorstep declaring that he had found her missing sister, Johari couldnít help but fall into his arms with great relief, momentary forgetting the reason why she hated him so.

Although Moses Ramsey loved Johari Frazier with all his heart; he never felt worthy of her love Ė mostly due to the scandal that surrounded his family.  So, Moses set a plan into motion that was guaranteed to make Johari hate him.  He dreaded breaking her heart; but, in the long run Moses knew that Johari was better off without him.  Nevertheless, years passed and Mosesí love for Johari was still as strong as it was back then.  So, when an opportunity presented itself for Moses to right his wrong, he jumped at the chance to reclaim Johariís love; which proved to be a much more difficult task than he bargained for because Johari still harbored a great deal of hatred towards him.

What is A Loverís Worth?  For Moses Ramsey it meant everything.  In his mind, he was protecting Johari and since he never felt worthy of her love he caused them both many missed years apart that were filled with enormous heartache and hopeless despair.  But now, that Johari was back in his life, Moses was determined to rekindle their love affair because he finally realized that the special love they once shared was the most important thing, regardless of his familyís devious past.  At this point, all Moses wanted to do was to win Johariís heart once again and to prove that he was now worthy of her love.  On the road to restoring the love that was lost, the ride was bumpy, full of mischief, outrageous and passionate.  Ms. Washington successfully managed to bring forth everything in such an enticing manner that it happily forced me to keep reading until the wee hours of the morning.  AlTonya Washington has once again penned another thrilling keeper in A Loverís Worth.


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