A Guardianís Desire by Mya
Loose Id
Paranormal, Shape-Shifter, Mťnage a Trois, M/M
ISBN: 978-1-59632-727-6
Reviewed by Patrice F.




Freya Daniels is all Alpha, and 150% warrior, which makes her one of the top bounty hunter werewolves in the game.  After an assignment that literally takes her months to recover from, escorting untried young females to the werewolf pageant to find prospective mates is like taking candy from a baby since the job is nothing but glorified babysitting.   The last thing Freya expects is for anyone to catch her eye, or to be pursued and courted.  She doesnít know if she should ignore what appears to be an insult or to administer the proper treatment to the upstart by kicking his butt!  No matter how she feels the need to kiss Rayne is much stronger than anything else.  Things become more complicated once Freya discovers that not only is Rayne a beta wolf and a magic-user, heís sworn to an Alpha, Fenris.  Fenris is the total opposite of Rayne, an enormous powerhouse of muscle and sheer dominance.  Itís enough to make her think twice about pursuing Rayne, who is more her ideal. 

Whatís an Alpha female to do between chaperoning three excitable charges while fending off two hot males that have already decided she belongs to them?  Never one to refuse a challenge, itís all she can do to keep from backing down, and the only thing thatís keeping her from running for cover is pride.

A Guardianís Desire is 22 chapters plus of fierce action, blazing sex and paranormal thrills, and it still wasnít enough.  Mya has created a tough-as-nails, hard-drinking heroine that curses and fights better than her male counterparts while still remaining all woman.  This was Freya, take it or leave it, and I loved her.  She grew, she changed, and it was a pleasure to see her find true happiness with Rayne and Fenris after cheering her on whenever she was beating the stuffing out of male werewolves left and right.   I would trade places with her in heartbeat.  Rayne is beautiful, submissive, and very assertive, everything she was initially seeking in a mate until she discovered he was much, much more.  Fenris is brutally masculine, her counterpart in every way, with a desire to protect and dominate them both.  Rayne keeps everyone in line, while Freya and Fenris work out who will run the show.  They make a kick-ass team in and out the bedroom.

This novel was a wonderful surprise.  I got more than I bargained for in all the fabulous plot twists and turns.  Mya does a bang-up job with werewolf culture, balancing savagery and natural splendor through her characters.  She uses the connection of various relationships to force Freya into realizing what is missing from her life: Living.  A Guardianís Desire is a literary canvas of intense showdowns, passionate rendezvous, and remarkable, fascinating characters.  Youíll be very sorry if you donít snatch this book up and explore the visually astonishing world this author has brought to life.


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