Unspoken by Willa Okati
Samhain Publishing
Gay Romance
ISBN: 1-59998-139-4
Reviewed by Maria




Once a famous vocalist, Ian has lost his voice. Nobody has an explanation for him, not even a doctor. This is something he just has to live with. Completely alone with only an ex-love to haunt his dreams, he is in desperate need of a friend, or even a lover. Depressed and sad, Ian comes upon a stranger in his garden, Andy, a musician whose music brings Ian alive again. A love forms between the two, but how long can it last before Andy moves on?

Unspoken is a beautifully crafted love story between two men, one of whom cannot speak. Willa Okati has created some very memorable characters here and has dealt expertly with the problems faced by someone whos mute and trying to form a relationship. Anyone who enjoys gay romance should pick this up. Its a recommended read from me and well-deserved.


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