‘Til Death by Lorie O’Clare
Werewolves of Malta, Book 6
Ellora’s Cave
Erotic Werewolf
ISBN: 978-1419913327
Reviewed by Talia Ricci




Rosa Anthony has been attracted to, and has been trying to gain the attention of Dimitri Spaldo ever since she and her mother joined the Malta pack.  It has gotten so bad that even the thought of another she wolf being with him makes her see red.  Her feelings are not returned because out of all the things Dimitri hates, and he hates quite a few things, the fact that Rosa has the Malta ‘gift’ of paranormal abilities makes him shy away from, and even refuse to consider being with her.  Rosa knows that if she can just get his attention then she will love him enough that he will overlook her psychic gift. 

Dimitri Spaldo is the pack Alpha of the Malta werewolves.  Fighting daily against people that hate his pack because of the rumors surrounding them, he spends most of his time refereeing battles and forcing compliance with other packs.  Then, to top it off, beautiful Rosa Anthony has it in her head that she wants him. Him - the Malta werewolf that can’t even make a bottle break or read someone’s mind.  Finding her attractively sexy, Dimitri tries very hard to avoid Rosa, to no avail.  It seems that Mr. Pack Leader is not as unattainable as he lets everyone think.

Lorie O’Clare got me in the heart with ‘Til Death.  More than once I wanted to grab Dimitri up by his ears and smack him on the top of his head.  Fighting so very hard not to be attracted to Rosa, I found his personality overwhelming at times.  But then he would do something nice and loving to Rosa and I would fall in love with him.  As I continued to read, I realized that the big bad wolf was actually a man who yearned for the gifts that he so loudly professed against, and underneath all of his bluster and blunder he truly did not feel worthy of a woman such as Rosa. 

It is with this type of characterization that Lorie O’Clare’s writing ability shines.  She can take the meanest, baddest character in a book and present that character in such a way that gives the reader no choice but to love him.  I have loved this entire series about these tremendously gifted wolves, but truly ‘Til Death is my official favorite.  I cried more than once at the outward emotions of both characters and when I read the last word I had no choice but to go back and reread it again.  Til Death was remarkable in my book and I joyfully recommend it whole-heartedly.  I howl in solidarity with Lorie’s wolves for an author who can make her readers feel so deeply.  Excellent job!


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