The Northern Devil by Diane Whiteside
Historical Romance
ISBN: 0-7582-1211-9
Reviewed Annmarie




After the death of her husband, Rachel Davis is held captive by Albert Collins; the principle trustee of her deceased husband’s estate.  Collins plans to force Rachel to marry his despicable son in order to gain unfettered access to the Davis Trust.  Rachel has only person to turn to, her friend, Lucas Grainger.

In order to save Rachel, Lucas will have to break a vow he made to himself.  A vow he swore he’d never break.  Of all the women in the world, Rachel is the one woman that Lucas would consider breaking his vow for.

Oh la la!  The Northern Devil is moan out loud hot!  I love Diane Whiteside’s historical romances because she always manages to break my hot-o-meter.  The Northern Devil is blazing inferno hot! 

Thank you Diane Whiteside for giving me a historical romance that is full of wickedly heated passion!


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