The Arrangement by Suzanne Forster
Mira Books
Romantic Suspense
ISBN: 978-0-7783-2426-3
Reviewed by Barb




After falling off her husbandís yacht six months ago, Alison Fairmont Villard is lucky to be alive.  Her face was repaired to fix the damage caused by the battering of the rocks.  Her husband does not touch her, after surgery they had made a deal -- Andrew would let her recover and she would share the details of that night with him.  Every night she has nightmares.  Every day she wakes up and wonders whom she truly is, and whom can she trust.  The partial amnesia clouds matters even further.


Andrew Villard has a shadowy past.  For six months he has watched the woman who he calls wife.  They have an agreement that they have both stood by.  Now complications have arisen due to Alisonís mother summoning them to return to the scene of the accident

Both hope to find answers to their own questions.  They each have demons they need to take care of.  Andrew makes an offer that Alison has no choice but to accept.  But can they find the answers to their own questions or will it tear things apart even further.  Who can they trust?  Neither can escape the consequences of their decisions.

The Arrangement is one of those books that captivates you from the moment you start reading.  It keeps the tension at a heightened level that kept me turning the pages to find the answers to the questions raised in my mind at the beginning.  It is incredibly engrossing; the intrigue with a dash of romance is the perfect continuous mix to make the reader glad they are reading The Arrangement. This is a book that I highly recommend.


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