Tempted by Sydney Somers
From Today Until Forever, Book 3
New Concepts Publishing
Genre: Vampire
ISBN: 1-60394-058-0
Reviewed by Gracie




Brynn is a hunter. She has spent her life keeping society safe from vampires.  The only thing is Brynn is different.  She is half vampire and her closest friends are vampires.  She has tried to suppress her vampire side as she worries about how she will handle all that comes with embracing it.  She is helping to track down the Order of Orion, a group of vampires who are kidnapping woman for unknown purposes.  She feels a responsibility as the group was connected to her true blood father, Cristos.

Gabriel has not been the same since he escaped from Cristos.  He used to be fun, charming, and incredibly sexy—all right, he is still very sexy—but now he is distant.  He avoids his friends as much as possible, especially Brynn.

Brynn never imagined that she would actually miss Gabe’s sexy come-ons, but she does.  Gabe knows his time with Cristos has nothing to do with Brynn, but being around her stirs up too many memories.  A plea from Julia to keep an eye on Brynn while she investigates a lead on the Order, as much as he would like to say no he simply cannot.  Brynn and Gabe are thrown together in their search for the missing women and things heat up between them.  Will Brynn and Gabe be able to get past their problems to find the happiness and love they so deserve?

Oh. My. Gosh. Tempted is another awesome read by Sydney Somers!  Brynn is a beautiful, strong, and independent woman who has always taken care of herself.  Gabe has always been fun, sexy, and carefree but his memories are overwhelming him.  I loved this book…watching Brynn and Gabe fight their growing feelings while working through their personal demons and seeking out the bad guy was simply enthralling.  I enjoyed seeing the characters from the previous books and I can only hope that this is not the end!  Sydney Somers is an amazing author and Tempted is an outstanding read!!


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