Shadows of Therese by Sahara Kelly
Ellora’s Cave
Vampire/ Regency
ISBN: 1-4199-0739-5
Reviewed by Maria




Rowan Selkirk is the only man to have lost his heart and soul to the evil vampire that is Thérèse. He fails to see the bad in this ancient lustful creature made flesh in the form of a flame-haired seductress. When he meets Marcus Camberley in London, he finds himself attracted to the man. After spending passionate nights together, Rowan’s eyes are finally opened to the evil of Therese.

I loved Shadows of Therese. A fabulously original tale set in Regency England, Sahara Kelly took me on a journey I did not expect. This story is both moving and erotic in every way. The relationship between Rowan and Marcus is highly intense, something which will keep readers reading until they finish. The writing is beautiful and evocative and clearly depicts the English setting as well as the deep emotions felt within this story. There are two other books in this series which I plan to read as soon as possible. With Shadows of Therese, Kelly has truly earned herself a Recommended Read.


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