Navinís Master by Jade Buchanan
The Felidae, Book 5
Changeling Press
ISBN: 978-1-59596-719-0
Reviewed by Rosemary




On planet Himalay, Tigris Navin has a major problem.  Pran who was defeated by Rajiv, Navinís big brother in the mate hunt, has turned his evil sights on Navin.  Since Rajiv is no longer there to protect him, Navin must find someone who will.  His parents suggest he seek out Isha Rajendra.  Finding the big strong Tigris, Isha agrees to keep Navin safe as long as Navin satisfies him.

Navinís Master is an exciting finish to the Felidae series, with an update on all of the characters in addition to the clever introduction to the next series.  In this episode, Jade Buchananís creative character description of Isha entrenched me with a mental picture of Tony the Tiger on steroids, a male strong enough to handle any problems.  Navin may not be as strong, but his attitude and loving heart make up for his other shortcomings, the affection between Navin and Isha shines through like a sunbeam of light.  The story is hilarious and heartwarming with some tender surprises revealed.  The love scenes are sizzling hot, Navinís cute little butt displayed on the cover, gives you insight of why Isha found Navin so irresistible.  This is a brilliant conclusion to this saga, and I enjoyed the journey immensely. 


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