Just Wicked Enough by Lorraine Heath
Historical Romance
ISBN: 978-0-06-112970-4
Reviewed by Annmarie



The Marquess of Falconridge is forced to sell the last thing he possesses of value, his title.  While other English aristocrats may try to woo American heiresses into marriage in order to gain their fortunes, Falconridge chooses another route.  He arranges a very private auction with some of Americaís wealthiest fathers.  At auctionís end, Falconridge finds himself engaged to Kate Rose.

While Kateís mother may wish her daughter to marry English nobility, Kate wants a marriage based on love.  Falconridge knows that love is the one thing he can never give the lovely Miss Rose. 

Just Wicked Enough left me with a dreamy smile on my face.  Lorraine Heath balances sumptuous sensuality with heart melting romance.  Just Wicked Enough is a novel I will surely read again and again.

The hero, Michael, Marquess of Falconridge, is as refreshingly unique as this beautiful love story.  I canít recall a hero recently in a historical romance that was so wonderfully strong and so much in need of love.  I adored him and I know you will adore Lorraine Heathís Just Wicked Enough!


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