Guarding the Coast by Samantha Gail
eXtasy Books
Military Romance
ISBN #1-55410-992-2
Reviewed by Tanya




Francesca “Frankie” is doing what she has always wanted to do, she's flying helicopters and saving lives.  She is also the commanding officer of a four person rescue team of Coast Guard personnel in the Pacific Northwest.  Being the commander she has decided the best policy is to never date the men she works with, and in fact not date anyone who is good looking in general.  Since the rest of her crew is either married, a womanizer or too good looking that limits her involvement anyway.

Gage Adams has worked alongside of Frankie for years, but has never really noticed her before.  Then one night when Frankie almost goes into hypothermic shock after swimming too long in the ocean everything changes.  Now Gage can’t get her out of his head.  But, is he willing to open up his heart to let Frankie in?  She won’t accept anything less.

After a series of dangerous rescues and another potential life ending accident Frankie runs, but will Gage run after her?

Guarding the Coast was a fantastic story about love and courage.  The author created real characters with likeable personalities and strong convictions.  I thoroughly loved how Frankie sticks to her guns and performs her job, as many of us do, when under personal emotional pressure.  As a fan of military romances this is the first one I have read with the Coast Guard being the backdrop and it made for an intriguing story.  I highly recommend Guarding the Coast for all who like military romances, and/or spunky women characters.


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