Die For Me by Karen Rose
Romantic Suspense
Grand Central Publishing
ISBN: 0-446-61691-5
Reviewer: Melissa



When Detective Vito Ciccotelli is called to investigate a grave found in a field, he knows that there is more buried below the surface.  When the medical examiner suggests using archeologist Sophie Johnson to help map the potential graves, he is happy for the help.  Sophie is an expert in medieval warfare and weapons, but she could never have imagined that her knowledge would come in handy in hunting a serial killer. However, Sophie’s knowledge and her assistance to the police bring her to the attention of a killer fascinated with the moment of death, a moment he has made into an art form.  Now Vito is called on to protect Sophie, a situation that becomes more intense as he begins to fall in love with her.  As Vito and Sophie explore the emotion and passion building between them, a madman is determined that Sophie is perfect for his next work of art.  Can they find the killer before it’s too late for Sophie?

When it comes to romantic suspense, Karen Rose delivers!  Heart -pounding suspense, non- stop action combined with just the right amount of romance, Die For Me is one book that readers will find impossible to put down before the last page is turned.  If you don’t add this one to your “must be read” list, you’re missing out!


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