Christmas In His Royal Bed by Heidi Betts
Silhouette Desire
ISBN: 978-0-373-76833-2
Reviewed by Talia Ricci




Alandra Sanchez is successful at what she does.  When a charity needs an event planned and executed so as to garner the most contributions, she is the woman who is the best of the best.  She has run into a bit of a snag, however, because of one tiny indiscretion – an indiscretion now apologized for and one that will hopefully go away.  It seems gossip columns like to exaggerate the stories of her sexual prowess and Alandra is having a difficult time staying ahead of the reporters intent on stalking her. 

Offered the opportunity of a lifetime, Alandra doesn’t hesitate to drop everything , and move to the beautiful principality of Glendovia for the Christmas holidays.  It is only after arriving that she realizes exactly who hired her – Prince  Stephan Nicolas Braedon, the man who propositioned her so brazenly just mere weeks before at a charity function.  Firmly denying her attraction to Nicolas, Alandra just wants to do her job, earn the bonus for her favorite foundation, and go home with her heart intact.  It seems Prince Nicolas has an entirely different agenda, one that doesn’t include Alandra’s denial of the passion between them.

Heidi Betts is one of my favorite Silhouette authors for a reason.  That reason being her ability to weave her stories around my heart so much so that I find myself totally absorbed and unable to do anything but read.  Christmas In His Royal Bed is one such novel.  Nicolas was a prince first and foremost and as such, he was not very comfortable or enthusiastic about not being able to charm his way immediately into Alandra’s good graces. Nicolas was not used to being denied, and I loved watching the consternation he felt and the lengths he went to seduce Alandra.  Seducee to Nicolas’ seducer, Alandra fought the good fight but I have to admit, she held out much longer than I would have been able to, that’s for sure.  Scared of the gossip surrounding her, Alandra had big plans to do nothing more than her charity work, that is until Nicolas convinced her otherwise. 

Heidi Betts gets a joyfully recommend with Christmas In His Royal Bed.  I put this book down after reading the last word and rethought the story in my mind. I wiped my tears, because the book is downright emotional at times, and sat there.  I sat there and thought about how amazing a read this was and thought about how soon I could get my next Heidi Betts fix! In November, run – don’t walk – to the nearest bookstore and acquire Christmas In His Royal Bed.  It is truly magnificent.


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