Captive Hearts by Teresa J. Reasor
The Wild Rose Press
Historical Romance
ISBN: 1-60154-075-2
Reviewed by Tanya



Lady Katherine Leighton is the only survivor of a brutal attack on her family, and she was left for dead, at that.  No matter what her uncle says she is determined to find the killers.  Her uncle canít seem to get rid of her fast enough.  He cooks up a deal with a local nobleman to have Katherine marry a ship captain, who has been imprisoned.  He figures the captain will work fast and take Katherine off to America.  Little does he know that Katherine has plans for this marriage to be in name only, to help release the captain and get her the freedom she needs to pursue the killers.

Captain Matthew was wrongly put into jail due to the actions of one woman and is unsure why he should trust this new one.  But, he is drawn to her eyes, whit and heart and decides to agree to the bargain, which in reality was his only chance of escaping Newgate Prison.  The thing he hadnít counted on was how much he comes to care for Katherine.

When the highwaymen that killed Katherineís family come after her suddenly both Matthew and Katherine seem to have more to lose than their freedom from each other, and is that what they really want.

Captive Hearts was a fantastic read.  I thoroughly enjoyed the authorís characters as well as the suspense that she wove into the story.  I loved watching the characters figure out their love for each other and how to band together to get what they wanted.  Those who like the turn of the 19th century romances based in England will want to pick this story up.  I had no choice but to list Captive Hearts as one of my recommended reads.


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