Brazen by Maya Banks
Samhain Publishing
Contemporary Romance/Menage
ISBN: 1-59998-564-0
Reviewed by Talia Ricci




For the last year, Jasmine has been living in Paris.  She decides she is ready to come home and calls the two men that mean the most to her: Seth and Zane Morgan.   Years ago Seth and Zane rescued Jasmine and took her into their home, thus saving her from a life of drudgery and prostitution.  Neither man has ever looked at her as anything but a younger sibling.   That is going to change if Jasmine has her way.  She wants them to see her as the woman she has become and realize that the young girl they raised and protected is now grown up and knows what she wants - which just happens to be both Seth and Zane in her life, in her bed, forever.

Seth and Zane have spent the last year missing the one person in their lives that they both love.  The time has passed slowly and is almost unbearable until Jaz calls and asks to come home.   Neither man wants to admit that they suddenly see their Jasmine in a new and sensual light.  When she left for Paris she was an almost waiflike, innocent girl, she returned as a beautiful woman who entices them at every turn.   While each man wants Jasmine, it is going to take a lot of convincing for them to agree to what she proposes.  Seth and Zane do not want to give Jasmine up, but they are unsure if they can share - especially Seth and it seems that Jasmine is not willing to settle for less.

Like fine chocolate and great coffee, Brazen simply whisked me away to Texas and the ranch of Seth and Zane Morgan.   I watched Jasmine as she took the biggest chance of her life and held my breath in anticipation of Seth and Zane's reactions.  Out of the two brothers, Zane was more laid back accepted things easier than Seth.   My love for Zane's character was almost instantaneous and held fast the entire book.  Seth, in true older sibling style, took a bit more convincing and seemed a tad more stubborn.   He often times didn't think before he spoke and in one instance I wanted to reach into the pages and grab him by the neck and make him listen to what he was saying to both his brother and Jasmine. In his defense, however, when he made his decision, his true character shined.   He was thoughtful, loving, and quite the charmer.  As for Jasmine, she had more guts than ten men and I found her love of Seth and Zane refreshing, while it couldn't be termed 'innocent' it was almost angelic in a sense that it was real, true, and unconditional.  

I could not put Brazen down and have no choice but to highly and joyfully recommend it for this month.   Maya Banks is on a roll and I, for one, think that she deserves every great thing that is coming her way.  Run, don't walk to Samhain and purchase Brazen.  It is truly an outstanding read.


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