Adrienne by D. Renee Bagby
Samhain Publishing
Fantasy Romance/Interracial
ISBN: 1-59998-523-3
Reviewed by Rosemary




Teacher’s aide Adrienne Backett is concluding the last posting of final grades before she starts her spring break.  Walking to her car in the college parking lot, she is confronted by two male students’ intent on raping her and taking photos of the attack.  In another dimension, King Malik of Ulan impatiently awaits news of the location of his bride-to-be.  Malik must marry before his fast approaching twenty fifth birthday or forfeit his throne.  High Chancellor comes within reach of Malik with an orb showing his intended, and the event in progress.  Malik opens a portal to earth, decimates Adrienne’s attackers, and returns to Ulan with his soul mate in his arms. 

Adrienne is a fantastic exploration of a magical universe full of intrigue, supremacy and creative characters.  D. Renee Bagby’s world called Bron is equivalent to Japan of this world.  I found all the characters fascinating, but the tiger-sized black panthers that can communicate with exceptional humans are my favorite.  There are too many attention-grabbing segments to catalog them all here, but I was held spellbound through the complete narrative. This is a wonderful love story that I enjoyed immensely.


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