Sweet Seduction by Maya Banks

Sweet, Book 3

Berkley Heat

ISBN: 978-0425230695

Reviewed by Talia Ricci



Short of lying down and begging, Julie Stanford has done her best to let Nathan Tucker know that she is interested in him.  She is at her wits end and finally decides that enough is enough.  If Nathan doesn’t realize that she is attracted to him as more than his massage therapist, then there is nothing else she can do in order to get his attention.  Deciding to give him one last massage to remember before she gives up her position as his masseuse, Julie is ready to carry on with her life – even if it means Nathan will not be a part of it. She has already contacted Damon Roche, her friend’s Serena’s fiancé, and her fantasy is about to begin. Or so she thinks.

Nathan Tucker is angry and frustrated.  After one of the best sexual interludes of his life, Julie Stanford has the guts, the GUTS to FIRE him as her client.  Then, to make matters worse, he finds out that she has gone to Damon Roche of all people with plans to carry out a personal fantasy of hers.  Well, Nathan has had it with her attitude and her stubbornness.  No other man is going to give Julie her fantasy if he has anything to say about it.   And he has plenty to say. 

At first I was scared to death that I would hate Sweet Seduction.  After reading the first two installments of this wonderful series, I just didn’t see how Ms. Banks would be able to change my mind about Julie.  I found her to be stubborn, hateful at times, and almost unlikeable.  Then I read Sweet Seduction. That was all it took and I finally could see that underneath Julie’s bluster and blunder was a woman fighting to keep her independence and succeed when people thought she would fail.  I saw a woman who was definitely not a shrinking violet, but instead one of the strongest female characters I have ever read about.  I also saw Julie’s hesitancy to grab what she wanted until it was too late all the while fighting to remain strong and self sufficient.  Nathan Tucker is just as sexy as in the first two novels of this series but with a bit more “umph”.  He is also fighting a battle with himself.  He wants Julie but doubts plague him as well.  No two characters have needed each other more.

Erotic fantasies and seduction with a measure of anticipation are the name of the game in Sweet Seduction.  Maya Banks has definitely poured her heart and soul into this seductive novel.  Sweet Seduction is indisputably not a book to miss – fans of her Sweet series will be ecstatic at the turn of events in this amazing installment.  New fans will be frantically searching to read the first two books.  And then to top it off, readers are treated to a look into Micah’s world – his book releases next spring.  

Don’t miss Sweet Seduction – I joyfully recommend it!


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