Songbird by Maya Banks

Samhain Publishing


ISBN:  9781-60504-661-7

Reviewed by Talia Ricci



Emily Donovan has spent the last year in her apartment hidden away from everyone.  Her career in music is over, her husband is dead, and the two men that she loves just as much as she loved her husband are out of her life.  Emily’s grieving and genuine fear of leaving her apartment does not go unnoticed and early one morning, the two men that Emily never thought she would see again, Taggert and Greer Donovan, show up and whisk her away to their ranch in Montana.  There they will do their best to show Emily that the love she gave to them so innocently years ago is not something they are willing to live without ever again.  Will they be able to convince Emily that harsh words said impetuously were false?  Taggert and Greer will accept nothing less than their Songbird in their arms forever.

Songbird is magnificent.  I sobbed. I smiled. I got angry.  I wanted to grab Emily and let her know things would be okay.  I found Taggert and Greer sexy as hell and stubborn to boot.  The love and desire Emily feels for these two alpha cowboys is unconditional. Words said years ago in the heat of the moment between these three enigmatic and beautiful characters were best forgotten because Greer and Taggert wanted to be a family – they came to their senses and I am thankful they did.

Joyfully I recommend Songbird by Maya Banks.  If you buy no other ebook this year, make it this one.  It is truly one of the most beautiful and soulful books I have read in a very, very long time.


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